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Our Brands

Blaze Beauty.
All four Seasons.

The idea of interior designing has taken a whole new turn. One irony being, the designing is no more confined to interiors, thus, the evolution of the term ‘exterior designing’

Decorative laminates

While you won’t be compromising on quality and appearance, but you’ll certainly find it a cost-effective option.

Cubicles & Lockers

A modular restroom and locker cubicle systems.

Walks through the woods in solidarity.

Open doors to a beautiful world of Exterior Floor Boards; be it under open skies, around water bodies and your favourite sitting area,beside thick grass bed, or the patio.

Cabinet Liner Sheet

Interior Decor Ingredients are Beauty, Sustenance and easy installation  which VIOLINER fulfill.

Lab Grade Laminates

These Laminate is resistant to large number
of relatively strong chemicals used in a laboratory making it
ideal to be used in chemical, analytical, micro-biological,
healthcare, pharmaceuticals & educational laboratories and many other places.

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